Can’t imagine Gwen Stefani without those trademark red lips and peroxide blonde locks? Well, turns out she started off as a fresh-faced, sandy-haired cutie!

Gwen Stefani teen

Gwen’s the latest celebrity to join Twitter (@gwenstefawni) and much to the delight of her 30,000 followers, she’s been using the social networking site to upload gorgeous, teenage pics and videos of herself pre-No Doubt days.

There’s no sign of the fierce, punk chick who made it big with her band in the mid-’90s. No, no. These 1980s snapshots show a fresh, round-faced and geeky, but totally pretty and innocent-looking young lady!

Have a squiz at the video above — it’s Gwen with dark brown — yes, dark brown! — hair, chatting about how she wants to be a star in a squeaky, little mouse voice. Amazing!

And check out the first photo Gwen tweeted below. Taken in 1983, it shows Gwen posing beside her big brother, Eric, dressed in a mega-girly frock with a clean bob and a light sweater tied around her waist. Crazy, huh?