Social networking sites account for the most referral traffic to all websites just behind organic search. So you better be optimizing for more sharing. But it’s not just slapping a Tweet button and producing link-bait content that people will Like and Retweet.

Here are 5 fresh user experience ideas for boosting how much your site gets shared:

1. Package Bite-Sized Content That Can Be Easily Shared And Tweeted

People are happy to share (good) content. Social networks have made it generally frictionless with instant publishing via distributed share buttons. But it’s up to you to also package (not just produce) content that people want to share.

It’s one thing to write a detailed, insightful blog post. It’s another thing to allow visitors to quickly Tweet specific insightful quotes from your post, or tweet out the best comments from the discussion. Users already do this manually by editing default Tweets with the content they want to include. But imagine if that work were already done FOR users, and they knew sharing would be a work-free experience… Full article

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