jeff-daniels-the-newsroomEveryone lived happily ever after.

That’s the gist of “The Newsroom” series finale, which aired on HBO Sunday night after a tumultuous three seasons of existence. If you didn’t watch, or simply gave up after last week’s controversial ending (which also saw the death of news director/bow tie lover Charlie Skinner), here’s where everyone ended up in Aaron Sorkin’s fantasy journalism world:

ACN’s new owner, the evil Pruitt, isn’t going to destroy the network.

B.J. Novak played the evil Lucas Pruitt, who wanted ACN’s Web site to get traffic by publishing articles like “The 9 Most Overrated Movies of All Time.” Naturally, that was met with horror by the ACN staff, who battled Pruitt’s crazy “new age” ideas at every turn. But former ACN owner Leona Lansing took Pruitt aside during Charlie Skinner’s funeral (where half of the finale took place) and reminded him about a recent, very unflattering article detailing how Pruitt had a history of paying his female employees less than their male counterparts. And there was another story floating around online about how Pruitt hired strippers for his 35th birthday party.

Eventually, this all led to Pruitt hiring none other than Mackenzie McHale to take over for Charlie as news director and president of ACN. Was Mac mad that it probably happened because Pruitt needed to improve his reputation and promote a woman to a high-profile position? Sure, but it doesn’t really matter: Now, she’s in a position to control the network. Or at least be a worthy nemesis with Pruitt since he’ll disagree with her constantly. Don’t you wish there was a fourth season to watch even more arguments play out?

Speaking of Mac, she’s pregnant.

That’s right — Will McAvoy and Mac, newlyweds, will welcome a baby in about seven months. Will discovered the news and lost his mind, unsure if Mac was even allowed to be standing up or outside given that she’s pregnant. Eventually, he chilled out (a little) and even managed to get over a few of his father issues in the process. At least, we think that was why he had a jam session in the garage with Charlie’s grandkids at the wake.