The James Bond and Spider-Man movie franchises were both compromised in the latest Sony information leak.

An early draft of the screenplay for the new Bond film ‘Spectre’ was included in the weekend’s dump of hacked data from the servers of the beleaguered movie studio.

Eon Productions, the company behind the Bond films, is afraid the screenplay could be published or otherwise disseminated.

The company warned it is subject to copyright protection and that “all necessary steps” would be taken to protect the rights of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Danjaq LLC, which is responsible for material related to James Bond on screen.

But Bond isn’t the only silver screen cash cow in the hackers’ crosshairs. Hacked emails also reportedly suggest “Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield is on the hot seat and could get spun right off the billion dollar series. The messages show Sony mulling over returning control of Spider-Man to Marvel, who would apparently prefer to start the series from scratch.

Also leaked over the weekend were embarrassing emails from a Sony exec about “American Hustle” director David O. Russell. According to The Daily Beast, co-president of production for Columbia Pictures Michale DeLuca emailed Sony honcho Amy Pascal: “David’s a loon, talented but geez once I saw him bring Sally Field to a party and reduce her to tears. Plus remember when he got in trouble for feeling up his transgender nieces [sic] boobs?”

DeLuca was referring to Russell’s niece who filed a complaint accusing the director of squeezing her breasts amid questions about transgender transformation. Russell told police she invited him to touch her, and was never charged.

The Daily News also reports that the press junket for “The Wedding Ringer,” starring Kevin Hart, has been canceled. Hart became part of the story when an email reportedly showed his agent asking for money beyond Hart’s $3 million paycheck if Hart helped promote the movie on his social media accounts. Hart then took to his Instagram to explain.