Donald TrumpCurious about what Donald Trump has to say about the CIA torture report?

Doesn’t matter. He offered his opinion anyway, as he does every Monday morning on “Fox & Friends.”

“It’s inconceivable,” he said. “What’s going on is inconceivable, that they’re releasing these reports. It’s almost like they’re enemies of our country.”

Trump told the Fox News hosts that exposing the country’s interrogation tactics is just going to make us look “stupid” to our allies. He argued that the American people only oppose torture now because they “forget” about the atrocities of Sept. 11.

“As soon as the next attack happens, everybody’s going to want to go back to the torture because that’s what happened after 9/11 — everybody felt strongly about it — it was fine,” he said. “But years go by and people forget the thousands of people that were killed horribly by these maniacs.”

Trump had more to say last week on “Fox & Friends,” just after the CIA’s torture methods were revealed.

“We’re using sleep deprivation, they’re using chopping off heads,” he said. “You tell me who’s going to win that battle.”