Subject Line – Your subject line is the first obstacle to having an effective email newsletter. Is it compelling? Will readers want to open it or put it in the trash folder? Are you using these fifty characters to their highest potential? Are there spam words or symbols that may trigger the spam filters? Is it in all caps? No one wants to be shouted at, so NEVER have your subject line in all caps. Once you have decided on an effective subject line, try it on by sending it to friends or co-workers who will give you an honest opinion.

Put Your Best Foot Forward – Most people can only see the first part of a newsletter before they open it. By including your most important information at the top, you can inspire interest in your newsletter that will encourage readers to open it.

Use Links to Bring Customers to Your Website – By using links to bring your readers to your website, you can increase web traffic as well as sales.

Use White Space Effectively – Don’t use every inch of space. This only makes it look crowded and confusing. By using the white space, your newsletter will look more open and inviting, giving it an organized feeling that inspires confidence in its contents.

Graphics Are Great – But Not Too Many – While graphics can add character, flair and excitement to a newsletter, they can also be overpowering if used too much. Use graphics reasonably so that your text will be the main focus, instead of too many warring pictures.

An effective newsletter can encourage customer loyalty as well as inspire new potential clients. By using these tips you can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing software, seeing quick, improved results in your website traffic and revenue stream.

by Matt Kaludi on October 9, 2012

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