Hands down, pricing your services as a freelancer is tough. So tough that no one has really mastered it. There isn’t really a secret formula to pricing your services just right, no magical tricks that will help you land awesome clients, and no one way to price your services so that you can guarantee that you will be rolling in the dough.

There is this idea in the freelancing industry that freelancers shouldn’t really discuss how much they charge, which doesn’t help you, as a new freelancer, learn how to do it yourself. I’m not sure why pricing is so hush-hush in the freelancing industry, other than freelancers considering it a “business secret,” which I can understand.

This is tough though for a starting freelancer or even a student who wants to freelance while in school. Where can freelancers who are struggling to price their services get some help in setting their fees and making sure they are appropriate?

It’s easy just to tell a starting freelancer to “figure it out” on their own, or send them different articles that talk about pricing, while none of them really give solid information or actionable steps on how to come up with their fees. But why does it have to be this way?

Let me attempt to bust this secretive bubble. Sure, I am probably going to break a few of the unwritten rules of freelance pricing, but with everything I do involving my freelancing (including writing about freelancing and helping students start freelancing), I am focused on helping other freelancers succeed, because when freelancers can succeed individually, we all can succeed as a group.

by Matt Kaludi on October 8, 2012

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