Your email opt ins are directly affected by your landing page – and there are multiple factors that go into a successful page. If you’ve been relying on a sidebar opt in form for the majority of your email marketing subscribers, it’s time to up your game. With a landing page devoted to gathering email addresses, you can take your list to the next level and start seeing the multiple benefits of email marketing.

A great landing page gives you a targeted URL to send prospects to so you can build your list. If you’re sending your social media traffic or article backlinks to your homepage or even your services page, you may be muddying the waters and making things too complicated for your prospects. A streamlined landing page will help you boost opt ins and get better results from your traffic.

by Matt Kaludi on October 8, 2012

If you’re a blogger, your readers’ attention is divided.

The noise about social media marketing is too much; you can’t stake the future of your business on it. What about search engine optimization?

Yes, it can be a source of free traffic, but you can’t rely on it. At least, not in this era of rigorous Panda and (Lion) updates. Lol!

You need a much better system, which can give you peace of mind. Email can, social media and SEO can’t!

Email marketing has been the best way to communicate with target audience and build a strong relationship.

It’s quite unfortunate how 75% of bloggers focus their marketing activities on Twitter, Facebook and the latest Pinterest, neglecting what is sustainable.

I’m seriously making plans to write a blog post that compares social media and email marketing.

But understand this: email marketing has no rival. Right from the inception of the internet, communicating via emails has made for deeper connection.

And the popular mantra, “the money is in the list” can’t apply to your business, except you start building an email list today.

So, how do you start capturing email leads and bringing value to the table? Let’s consider 7 simple steps: Read more

by Matt Kaludi on October 8, 2012

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