One of the biggest secrets behind the success of every published author is an incredible marketing plan for their book. Even when looking at book proposals one of the things that a publisher will look for is a solid marketing plan. First I would recommend you look at this post by Ryan Holiday. It’s his book marketing plan in a nutshell and considering you couldn’t browse the web without running into his name the week of his book launch, I’d say it was well executed.

1. Guest Posts

The same way you grow your blog by guest posting on sites with audiences bigger than yours, guest posts are an integral part of a promotion plan to raise awareness of your book. This is why you’ll notice guests posts from the same author across a several blogs you read the week their book launches. It’s what Michael Ellsberg refers to as the Tim Ferriss effect.

2. Email Blasts

If you’ve done everything right, you should have a solid e-mail list. Most authors prepare their audience for the launch of their book by sending several emails about their book prior to the launch. If you don’t prepare your email list for the fact that your book is coming, it’s a bit like inviting people to your birthday party on the day of and being surprised that nobody shows up.

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