personal-brandingWhen anyone working with you starts to talk about your business, your products or services or you, it’s either because they’re really happy about the experience, or they are unhappy with it. Sometimes the disconnect happens when they feel that interacting with you or your business should “flow” a certain way. There is an expectation of the connection that is not met.  All of your interactions with your connections, regardless of whether they are carried out physically or online, need to be positive interactions that are recalled with a sense of contentment. All too often, we think about putting that best foot forward toward new customers and connections.  Yet, what do you do in your interactions with the current customers and your brand advocates?  What do you do to increase your interactions? …Continue reading →

by Matt Kaludi on October 9, 2012

Facebook provides multiple ways to utilize its site. Personal pages are vast and numerous, and usually very simple to manage. You can also set up a business site, but that might seem impersonal or even limit what you want to achieve. Why is a business page more effective than a personal profile when it comes to applying yourself to an online social outlet? The truth is that there are several reasons why a business page trumps a personal profile. It’s always about opportunity and what you do to make the most of it.

To start, you can be liked- you don’t have to worry about friending. Friend requests do slow down how fast your image spreads. Additionally, when searching, personal profiles are not as likely to come up as a business profile. When you are discovered, all the viewer has to do is like you (plus this appears on their personal site for their friends to see). This works well for word of mouth marketing strategies.

Then you have other strategies that are open to business but restricted from use by personals. You can run contests and operate uniquely as a business. You can also provide special offers through your business profile. When offers are accepted by a customer, their friends see what it was and who it came from. You can’t do that with “friends.” Additionally, personal profiles tend not to look as professional. You want your business to appear established and thorough.

Make the most of opportunities

Now you must also consider limiting opportunity- personal profiles have a cap of 5000 friends, but business profiles have no cap. Anyone and everyone can become a viewer of your business profile. Then consider how Facebook functions. Profiles are initially set to default to view “most” of what their friends post (most individuals are not aware of this). This isn’t the same for business pages. You can reach more people with a business page than with a personal profile. More visual opportunity opens new doors for potential customers.

You’ll also have connection to Facebook Places. Give yourself a marker on the map. Personals rely on “places you’ve been,” so why not make yourself one of those places that your clients have been. This is a tool that is often underrated, but works incredibly well.

by Matt Kaludi on October 9, 2012

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