Adipsing Sing, California Resident, Charged Over $2,200 For Phone Bill

Posted on Dec 14 2012 - 7:27pm by Matt Kaludi

California ResidentThis is a story about a real failure to communicate.

Adipsing Sing, a Northern California man,told CBS Sacramento he was shocked to find he was billed over $2,200 for his routine calls to South Africa after a miscommunication with his service provider.

Sing temporarily suspended his Vonage service in April — along with his plan for free international calls — while he moved, but never told the company to resume the plan. He told CBS that he thought Vonage understood that he wanted the service to resume on the May 15, but the provider said he was supposed to call them to confirm.

The crossed wires resulted in Sing being charged $2,200 for every international call.

Fortunately for Sing, Vonage offered him a $1,000 credit and his credit card company, Discover, agreed to drop another $1,000 off the charges, leaving him with a $200 bill to settle.

The $2,200 amount pales in comparison to the cancellation fee one French woman was asked to pay in September. Solenne San Jose, of Pessac, France, received a bill for $15 quadrillion – yes, quadrillion. Representatives at the phone company initially told her the amount would be automatically withdrawn from her bank account, before correcting the “printing error.”

Last year, a Florida woman got another ridiculous phone bill in the mail, but this one wasn’t a mistake. Celina Aarons was charged over $200,000 for her brothers’ texts and multimedia downloads when she failed to switch to an international plan for a two-week vacation to Canada.


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