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This Week In Startups With Jason Calacanis with Tyler Crowley

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Jason McCabe Calacanis hosts ‘This Week In Startups’ on the ThisWeekIn network and is the founder and CEO of Mahalo.com, a human-powered search engine focused on the top English-language search terms, including verticals such as travel, products, news, entertainment, sports, food, and health. Prior to Mahalo.com’s launch in alpha in May, 2007, he was an […]

A Brief Interview with Jason Calacanis of Mahalo

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Last week saw the launch of Mahalo, the new human powered search index from Jason Calacanis(that’s his dog, at left, one of his favorite online images). Jason has a flair for getting attention, and you all gave him some in the comments on my post noting the launch, all right. I emailed Jason for his […]