Psychology in the food place: The 4 reasons we choose a restaurant

When we cannot in any way force ourselves to cook or defrost, how do we decide which restaurant we’ll go to? Particularly if it’s a group decision the process can seem convoluted and intricate, but a professor at NYU says there are just four reasons that determine where we decide to eat, according to his student and Good Magazine blogger, Megan Moore. She explains that in most cases just one of these four elements is enough to compel us to go:

1. The food: From the taste of the dishes themselves to the way each ingredient is sourced.

2. The service: For this one, I think about my favorite bartender, or the owner who brought me edamame hummus while I waited for a table.

3. The design: From David Rockwell-designed wall fountains to easily accessible parking.

4. The X-factor: This can be anything from shrimp-flipping hibachi cooks to sheer exclusivity. (From what I read in the comments, the X-factor may represent price.)

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