Don’t let stress eat away at you

Stress and unhealthy eating sometimes go hand-in-hand. When we feel depressed, stressed, sad, bored, angry or downright emotional, we seek comfort in food — and let’s face it, fruits and veggies are not on the menu.

When there’s a big test in the morning, we get cheese pizza delivered the night before to save time. After a sad breakup, some delve into the sweet stash hidden in that cozy spot under the bed. Early risers may try the pick-me-up approach by downing fizzy drinks the morning after a long night of studying or work. These happy unhealthy habits are the perfect way to send your diet packing and on a one-way trip back to weight-gainville.

Don’t eat your feelings out. It’s time to stop taking your stress out on your potato chips and ice-cream and try some healthy alternatives for when you’re feeling blue or hungry.

Are you a zero or a ten?

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