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Limitless Movie Review, Starring Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro

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Limitless Movie Review, Starring Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro

I know how Eddie Morra feels. Like him, I know almost everything, but have forgotten most of it. We are told time and again that we use only a small portion of our brains and have enough left over to run nations in our down time. “Limitless” is about Eddie’s adventures after his ex-brother-in-law gives him […]

The Adjustment Bureau – Starring Matt Damon & Emily Blunt

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Fate vs. choice. Free will vs. predestination. Human decision vs. divine destiny. For millennia, humankind has wrestled with these competing notions of how much freedom we really have to determine our own ends. Do our decisions matter? Or are they somehow scripted for us? Or is it all just up to chance in the end? […]

Battle: Los Angeles Review

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Now, I like seeing Los Angeles in flames as much as the next guy, but after seeing Battle: LA, I just couldn’t help but wonder where the rest of this movie went. It feels like the first part of a much bigger franchise, and perhaps it will be, but the characterizations are weak, and while […]

Movie Review: Sucker Punch (2011) By Zack Snyder

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Sucker Punch Movie Poster

Why are stepparents always so rotten in movies? In a wordless prologue, we see that after her mother’s funeral, Baby Doll’s sinister stepfather heartlessly assaults her and her little sister. And when the younger girl dies, his pins the blame squarely on Baby Doll. She’s banished to Lennox House, a 1950s-era gothic psychiatric asylum, where […]

The Lincoln Lawyer Review – Starring Matthew McConaughey & Marisa Tomei

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Lincoln Lawyer Review

As a lawyer, Mick Haller knows all about the murky nature of the human character. He’s seen his share of bad behavior and devious duplicity—lying and cheating to get ahead, to “win” no matter what the cost. He sees it in court, he sees it on the street, he sees it even at home. Pretty […]