The Mod Squad: GoldenEye Source (PC)

Posted on Aug 15 2010 - 7:17pm by Matt Kaludi

GoldenEye64 is regarded as one of the premier titles of its generation. In an ingenious Bond-move worthy of the renowned character, the team behind GoldenEye: Source have taken up the task of sneaking the classic GE64 multiplayer (no singleplayer… yet) into the modern age of video games. With the impending re-imagined Wii version on the horizon, let’s take a look at a PC mod set to make GE64 fans collapse in a fit of nostalgia.

Despite the Source engine starting to show its age, using it is a great way to update the original GE64, bringing it in line with today’s expectations. Textures are sharper, with a higher level of object detail. New lighting effects do well to accentuate the mood of the maps and increase the tension before your inevitable encounters with enemy players (the Caverns and Egyptian levels in particular come to mind).

Fans of GE64 will recognise the aforementioned maps, as well as favourites like Complex and Facility, among others. Most of the levels are a bit on the bland side but it’s understandable when the source material (nyuk nyuk) wasn’t fantastically dynamic to begin with. I could also be because the many hours I’ve sunk into Battlefield’s multiplayer makes any other map feel like a shoebox in comparison.

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