Real Racing 3 Review: There Is A Good Game In Here Somewhere

Posted on Mar 11 2013 - 2:16pm by Matt Kaludi
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You can probably tell by the size of the yachts in Monaco’s harbour, the opulence of the motorhomes that form a worldwide series’ travelling circus or the amount of inbreeding evident around the paddock of Silverstone on a Grand Prix weekend that motor racing is a rich man’s game. You can’t just turn up to the races with a pair of fresh boots and a big heart: a single season in Formula Ford, one of the most junior of categories on the national scene, costs in excess of £120,000.

Real Racing 3

So kudos to Firemonkeys, the new outfit forged by EA from esteemed Australian mobile studios Firemint and Iron Monkey, for being the first developer to fully realise the crippling costs of motorsport in interactive form. Here’s a game that’s not shy about handing you repair bills at the end of a race and one that doesn’t blush over an in-game car that costs almost £60 in real-world money.

In fairness to Real Racing 3, there’s a lot more to its authenticity, and it’s not all quite so grating. An extension of Firemint’s deservedly popular racing series, this continues the good work of its predecessors on track, and it strives yet further to back up the ‘Real’ part of its racing. Licensed cars are now given licensed circuits to bound around, and it’s a move that does much to help the series attain its dream of being a real sim on a mobile device.


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