New Xbox 360 250GB S hacked with video

Posted on Aug 15 2010 - 6:12pm by Matt Kaludi

It’s no secret the older version of the Xbox 360 was being exploited as you could look on Craigslist and find hacked consoles and “backup” games, quite frequently.  When the new Xbox 360 “Slim” was released, first thoughts I had was that Microsoft was permanently addressing the “Red Ring of Death” (known to MS as the “overheating”) issue.  In the back of my head, I also thought, maybe they’re also tackling the piracy concern, as well.

We’ve seen companies go under and piracy plays a huge part in this, as many “backup” games float around.  On that note, this video was spotted by a team that is already claiming that they have indeed hacked the new Xbox 360 250GB “Slim” console.

I can’t wait until Microsoft starts their next wave of bans and hopefully permanently ban these gamer tags.

Here is the video of the team claiming to have patched the DVD Rom to allow for the play of backups.

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