Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC game review by Maxwell McGee

Posted on Mar 11 2013 - 12:04am by Matt Kaludi
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Mass Effect 3

Here we are then, at the real end of the Mass Effect saga. Appropriately, Citadel isn’t about saving the galaxy, but about saying goodbye – goodbye to Commander Shepard, to the Normandy, and to Mass Effect as we know it. It doesn’t change anything about how the trilogy ended, or make any fresh apologies for it. Nor does it offer hints on its future or change the present. Instead, it seizes the chance to do what most big games can only dream of doing – to have one last hurrah to celebrate everything that made the series great.

The Good

  • Fun mix of combat and character interaction
  • Abundant humor from entire cast
  • Fighting alongside old squadmates is nostalgic.

The Bad

  • Lacks a strong, central narrative.

Commander Shepard leads a serious life. The galaxy is facing a major threat, and the disparate races that inhabit it need an attitude adjustment if they’re all going to survive. Juggling these issues has afforded the commander precious little time to catch his breath. And now, here at the end, it’s finally time for a break.

In this final piece of single-player downloadable content for Mass Effect 3, the battle-weary Commander Shepard is plucked from the world of galactic warfare and diplomatic intrigue and dropped into a most unfamiliar setting: a fun evening with friends. For one long night, the war is put on hold, and everyone is invited to reflect on how far they’ve come.


That’s not to say this hefty, four-gigabyte update won’t offer plenty of combat. In fact, you could almost draw a line down the center of this release. The first half deals with Shepard overcoming a dangerous new threat while on shore leave. Once that is resolved, the second half is strictly person-to-person (or person-to-alien) interactions.

This new threat is a private military corporation that is, frankly, a less-capable version of Cerberus. It employs a few new tricks, such as shield-detonating kamikaze drones and cluster grenades, but mostly it just gets mocked–mercilessly–by you and your squadmates. After the corporation makes an assassination attempt on Shepard, friends from past and present Mass Effect games descend upon it. Soon you find yourself fighting side by side by side with your entire team in unison, all of whom are hurling insults and exchanging friendly banter among the carnage.