Gamenoob: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Review

Posted on Aug 15 2010 - 6:51pm by Matt Kaludi

Now normally, we don’t do PC game reviews, but since this is a big game, we thought we’d give it a snap.

After 12 years, Blizzard Entertainment finally releases the first instalment in a sequel trilogy to the first game (stay with us)… and it’s set only 4 years later. The first game in the trilogy is known as “Wings of Liberty”, with the next two, “Heart of the Swarm” and “Legacy of the Void”, due for release over the next few years.

The first game, “Wings of Liberty”, is set 4 years after the Starcraft expansion “Brood War”, we find now-public-enemy Jim Raynor at a bar called “Joeyray’s Bar”. It is here where he is reunited with Tychus Findlay, who was released from prison- with a catch. Until he has completed his part of the deal, which is to kill ‘Infested Kerrigan’, he must permanently wear CMC armour. After evacuating civilians off a planet which the Terrans tried to salvage, Jim locates a strange artefact which is said to be a mystical force. Before Jim and his “Raiders” can leave, the planet becomes infested with Zerg, and before long they are in a huge battle to try and defeat the Queen of Blades, also known as Jim’s long lost love, Kerrigan. Since this was my first time on a Starcraft game, the story was a little confusing for me at first, but Blizzard tried it’s best to attract new fans, which it managed to do brilliantly. The story is great and helps to lock in what could be a great trilogy. The story does push it a little bit by going over the top but that can be ignored quite easily. The missions are all unique in their own ways and can even be affected by the environment. For example, you may be on a lava planet where the lava will flood an area, so if you are obtaining minerals, you must get out of that area or all the units and buildings created will be destroyed. Almost every mission is different to help satisfy the player; all which have their own unique challenges. Clearly all the missions were carefully thought out to try and avoid repetition.

Now normally I’m not a fan of strategy games but I couldn’t help to notice how fun strategy games are. This was my first in about 6 years (the last one I went on I think was an Egyptian game). If you don’t know how Starcraft games, or infact strategy games work, then it’s rather simple. You are in control of several units, fighting off enemies that may attack your base, or that are in your way when travelling from A to B. The more minerals you have, the better units you can built. Of course none of these units can be built without several buildings which must be built to create the units, upgrade them, and to help defend your station. The minerals you obtain are gathered either by SCV’s or by collecting loose minerals throughout the area.

There are four difficulty settings you can play on; Easy, Medium, Hard and Brutal. It’s best played in Easy of you’re a rookie, but in some missions, even that can be challenging (Take the last mission for example). In the missions, you don’t just fight as the Terran; but you also fight as the Protoss, and sometimes with the Protoss. This helps a lot in some of your missions, as some of the Protoss can cloak, meaning you can sneak up behind enemies and strike them down, so it gives you a boost in gameplay.

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