Dvide Arts brings 3D RPG Crusade Of Destiny to Palm Pre

Posted on Aug 15 2010 - 7:39pm by Matt Kaludi

Who knows what the future holds for Palm’s webOS as a smartphone platform.

New owner HP’s been talking up its usefulness for tablets and printers, but the probability of more phones seems unlikely, especially considering the number of Palm executives who are leaving the company.

Still, with $1 million up for grabs as part of Palm’s second HotApps competition, it makes sense for developers to continue to release games for it, especially if they’ve already done the hard work for iPhone and Android.

Predetermined events

This brings us to developer Dvide Arts, which has released Crusade of Destiny, its 3D RPG titles for Palm Pre. Indeed, it’s apparently the first 3D RPG ever to be released for the platform.

The set up is typical for a RPG with three character classes – warrior, archer or mage – many hours of gameplay, numerous side quests, elemental-based magic and enemies, and plenty of boss battles promised.

There’s also a night and day cycle on a 24 hour time system and a balanced economic system for trading.

Of course, the only thing that’s different for the Pre version compared to the iPhone and Android versions is the price.

What’s 99c on Apple’s App Store is $4.99 on the Palm App Catalog (link). Still that’s cheaper than the $5.99 price on Google’s Android Market.

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