A Video Game Theme That Would Make Life Epic…

Posted on Aug 15 2010 - 7:57pm by Matt Kaludi

Music is something that sets the theme game, and it’s more apparent to me in RPGs than in any other genres of gaming. Music, either narrated or strictly instrumental, can be powerful either way. They can compliment or interlude a scene of any title. I’m not saying I’ve paid attention to every theme in every game I’ve ever played, or that I’ve heard the “best” video game themes, but there are some I can’t get enough of.

Video game themes add a lot of personality to titles, when you hear them, it’s like playing that individual game at the time of hearing it. Some enlightening themes to the senses, for me, are FFVII’s “Fight On”, LittleBigPlanet’s “Get It Together” (Courtesy of The Go! Team), and Sakura of SSFIV’s OST. Those may not be the best examples, but you get the general idea.
Since music has such a tremendous impact on our lives if there would be one, and only one, theme I had to listen to everyday just to make life a little more epic, it would be straight out of Final Fantasy X, just watch the video below.

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