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Konami and 4mm Games have today issued a few more details about Def Jam Rapstar. They’ve confirmed some new tracks (below) and a couple of producers who are contrubuting new beats for the game’s freestyle mode. News that Danja (who worked a lot with Timbaland) and Nitti Beats (slightly less well-known but does a lot […]

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At QuakeCon, developer Splash Damage was able to show off their promising new shooter Brink to the masses, including the never before seen Xbox 360 version. Though such reveals are typically saved for press events rather than public ones, it was great seeing the studio reaching out to their community directly. And despite the multitude […]

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It’s no secret the older version of the Xbox 360 was being exploited as you could look on Craigslist and find hacked consoles and “backup” games, quite frequently.  When the new Xbox 360 “Slim” was released, first thoughts I had was that Microsoft was permanently addressing the “Red Ring of Death” (known to MS as […]

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The Nurburgring GP Course has just been confirmed for Gran Turismo 5 in a German press release! All three configurations of the track (Nordschleife, GP, and the full VLN Circuit) will be available. Better yet, we’ve got beautiful new screenshots of the new circuit, showing a lot of trackside details have been included and updated. […]