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By admin On 15 Aug, 2010 At 07:07 PM | Categorized As PC | With 2 Comments

GoldenEye64 is regarded as one of the premier titles of its generation. In an ingenious Bond-move worthy of the renowned character, the team behind GoldenEye: Source have taken up the task of sneaking the classic GE64 multiplayer (no singleplayer… yet) into the modern age of video games. With the impending re-imagined Wii version on the […]

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Ready, Set … I am the first to admit that racing games are not my forte. It’s not the concept of racing that puts me off though; it’s just that most racing games don’t trigger my interest. I particularly dislike those that strive for realism, finding them monotonous. When Deep Silver claimed that nail’d will […]

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Now normally, we don’t do PC game reviews, but since this is a big game, we thought we’d give it a snap. After 12 years, Blizzard Entertainment finally releases the first instalment in a sequel trilogy to the first game (stay with us)… and it’s set only 4 years later. The first game in the […]

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The Nurburgring GP Course has just been confirmed for Gran Turismo 5 in a German press release! All three configurations of the track (Nordschleife, GP, and the full VLN Circuit) will be available. Better yet, we’ve got beautiful new screenshots of the new circuit, showing a lot of trackside details have been included and updated. […]