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Real Football has been involved in a real ding-dong battle with the likes of FIFA for footy supremacy in recent years on both iPhone and mobile. Gameloft’s footy franchise always plays a fast, fluid game, encouraging swift tippy-tappy passing triangles and surging runs into the box. Unfortunately, the franchise’s Android debut doesn’t make the statement […]

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Take the Norman conquest of England in 1066, which was helped immeasurably by King Harold being called away to the North to fend off a bunch of Vikings. Armor Games and Namco is embarking on a similar bout of mediaeval smash and grab opportunism with Crush the Castle. With the continued absence of Angry Birds […]

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Who knows what the future holds for Palm’s webOS as a smartphone platform. New owner HP’s been talking up its usefulness for tablets and printers, but the probability of more phones seems unlikely, especially considering the number of Palm executives who are leaving the company. Still, with $1 million up for grabs as part of […]

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The Nurburgring GP Course has just been confirmed for Gran Turismo 5 in a German press release! All three configurations of the track (Nordschleife, GP, and the full VLN Circuit) will be available. Better yet, we’ve got beautiful new screenshots of the new circuit, showing a lot of trackside details have been included and updated. […]