August 15th, 2010

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Charm and classic gameplay abound in this rollicking role-playing adventure. You are a Celestrian, a blessed being with wings and a halo who dwells high above the mortal realm. After completing an apprenticeship under your master, you become the guardian of a small village. It is the duty of Celestrians to look out for their […]

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If there’s one thing Warhammer is famous for it’s the fact that everything takes place from above, as though your hovering over the action inside a low flying helicopter.  The table top game, played with the little hand-painted models, as well as the popular Dawn of War series subscribe to this perspective wholeheartedly; allowing for […]

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If you’ve been following The Third Birthday tweets from Square-Enix, you may have noticed that Nomura would be thinking about answering some questions about Versus. Well, he’s been getting his tweet on and so we’ve created a thread dedicated to everything he tweets about the game. How long will he do this for? Not sure. […]

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Real Football has been involved in a real ding-dong battle with the likes of FIFA for footy supremacy in recent years on both iPhone and mobile. Gameloft’s footy franchise always plays a fast, fluid game, encouraging swift tippy-tappy passing triangles and surging runs into the box. Unfortunately, the franchise’s Android debut doesn’t make the statement […]

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Take the Norman conquest of England in 1066, which was helped immeasurably by King Harold being called away to the North to fend off a bunch of Vikings. Armor Games and Namco is embarking on a similar bout of mediaeval smash and grab opportunism with Crush the Castle. With the continued absence of Angry Birds […]

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With the launch of the iPad, Apple has given game developers a new platform on which to stretch their prowess for mobile gaming. The iPad offers several key improvements over the iPhone that make it a different and certainly better gaming platform. The combination of the large multitouch screen, fast processor, the finely tuned OS, […]

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The saga of the latest two Sonic games has to be some of the oddest handling of PR I’ve seen in the industry in a long time. First, Sega made a huge deal of teasing Sonic 4 through its Project Needlemouse hype campaign, with the reveal of a new 2D Sonic game met with renewed […]

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My brain hurts, my eyes hurt, and I’m stuck. No, I’m not trapped in a cave being forced to make a suit of armor for a terrorist organization, I’m playing level 40 of Dropple. Even worse, I was one coin away from beating the level when I finally lost, by millimeters. Disgusting. Dropple, the app, […]

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Music is something that sets the theme game, and it’s more apparent to me in RPGs than in any other genres of gaming. Music, either narrated or strictly instrumental, can be powerful either way. They can compliment or interlude a scene of any title. I’m not saying I’ve paid attention to every theme in every […]

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THQ revealed the official boxart for their next edition in the long running and highly successful WWE Smackdown vs Raw series, Smackdown Vs Raw 2011. The boxart features The Miz, who is one of the WWE’s latest sensation having won the money in the bank match recently. It also features two of the greatest WWE […]