LG G4When a software update is ready for your smartphone, you usually get a friendly notification that lets you refuse the fix if you’re anxious or just busy. At least some LG G4owners aren’t getting that option, however. Customers on both AT&T and T-Mobile arereporting surprise “mandatory” patches that not only install themselves automatically, but reboot the phone as soon as they’re done — not cool if you had to make an important call. There’s little in the release notes to say what they fix, either, so it’s not certain just how vital the code really is.

Some users suspect that this might fix touchscreen responsiveness problems that some G4 users have, but it’s not certain that this is the case. It could also close a security exploit, for example, or tackle some other critical issue. We’ve reached out to LG to get the scoop on the patch, including whether or not it’s destined for other carriers and countries. Hopefully, this kind of involuntary update doesn’t become a habit. While it’s typically smart to install important updates as soon as you can, it’s also good to have thechoice of putting them off.