Pebble is making good on its promise to become a real player in smartwatches, not just everyone’s favourite crowdfunding project. It has just announced that the Pebble Time is available to pre-order through Best Buy in the US or using the Pebble website for the rest of the world.

pebble watch

Pebble hasn’t specified when these orders will ship – Pebble Time units have already started reaching Kickstarter backers but we are still waiting for the more expensive Pebble Time Steel model to ship in July. The Steel was given a mention in a recent blog post as you can sign up for updates.

Pebble is simply stating it will deliver ASAP, saying: “We will include the exact timing for pre-order shipments and in-store availability dates in an upcoming blog post.”

Pebble has done a much better job this time round of getting smartwatches to backers and launching direct sales of the devices.

There was a slight hiccup with its iOS app stuck in App Store limbo but that problem was swiftly solved, perhaps helped in part by the social media noise Pebble’s fans drummed up.

No doubt a big reason that Pebble sped up the process is the fact that Apple has already sold millions of Apple Watch devices. The Pebble Time is iPhone compatible and $100 cheaper than the least expensive Apple Watch.

Now Pebble needs support from app developers and Smartstrap makers to really grow the Pebble Time ecosystem. We’ll be keeping an eye on both as well as publishing a full Wareable review of the Pebble Time very soon.