The some, the attraction of the masses to Apple devices is almost unfathomable. The iPhone has never been one of the most powerful handsets in the world, nor the smallest / largest, and yet seven years later it has retained (and grown) its unshakeable following.

However, in the last 18 months, the death knells have started quietly sounding, ringing in the distance as the best Android phones – once only a rival on spec or price – became genuine challengers and then out-and-out better handsets.



Apple’s design overhaul is much-needed and as much as many could have hoped for – taking a number of cues from the iPad Air to bring a metallic, almost ceramic, shell that feels simply brilliant in the hand.

Say what you like about Apple, it’s a brand that’s always put design at the forefront of its new handsets. Even the iPhone 5S, probably the most unimaginative of all of Cupertino’s handsets, had a strong build that screamed quality in the hand, giving the user the instant feeling of something worth spending a lot on.

The iPhone 6 pushes that idea to the next level, losing the sharp edges in favour of sleek and rounded sides that make the device much more pleasing in the palm. It just feels so thin, but doesn’t have the overly-lightweight feeling of the iPhone 5S.

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iOS 8

The new operating system that was debuted at WWDC earlier in the year has the expected poster boy in the iPhone 6 – while it’s not a massive overhaul of the platform, it brings with it some nifty tweaks.

For instance, the updated notifications center is imbued with better powers than before, allowing you to see more relevant information from a simple pull down from the top of the screen.


Early verdict

The iPhone 6 is a really rather good handset indeed. While I can’t bring myself to say ‘it’s the best iPhone ever made’ again (it is, but I promised I wouldn’t write that again after saying the same thing for three reviews in a row), in the pantheon of Apple handsets the iPhone 6 will go down as a pivotal moment