Bangs and a British accent are partly responsible for attracting me to Eyeko makeup.


I desperately wanted to believe that lining my eyes, coating my lashes and filling in my brows with Eyeko products would summon the powers of makeup magic, so that suddenly, one misty morning, I’d awaken with fab fringe and a bangin’ British accent like Alexa Chun, the stylish model/TV presenter/writer and face of the Eyeko brand.

Hey, man, you never know… Stranger things have happened.

If, one day, I’m pimpin’ Lloyd Christmas hair in my pictures and start a post with, “I fancy a pasty this morning and a spot of tea!” you’ll know the deal.

Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner ($19)

This waterproof liquid liner’s thin, flexible felt tip says “meow!” to the part of me that loves kitten flicks and skinny lines (it’s a BIG part). It’s preternaturally precise, but I have to make quite a few passes with it to get the color fully opaque, and that’s a bit of a bummer.

I’ve been using Mocha, the brown shade, but it’s also available in Ebony and Marine.