Rockstar Games has said in a recent announcement on its Newswire that it is offering some giveaways to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend. The most attractive of these giveaways is the Xbox One and PS4 consoles with custom GTA 5 artwork.Thanksgiving giveaways

According to Rockstar, customers can sign up for a contest to avail the opportunity to get a super limited-edition Custom GTA5 Xbox One or PS4 console.

With regard to the contest, Rockstar said that the custom GTA 5 Xbox One giveaway is being hosted at Rockstar Social Club; while the custom PS4 giveaway is being hosted at the Facebook page of Rockstar Games.

About the two custom GTA 5 consoles, Rockstar has revealed on its Newswire that Xbox One gamepad for the custom console is inscribed with the GTA 5 logo; with green letters on face buttons. Meanwhile, the custom controller of PS4 is fairly akin to a black DualShock 4, other than a green light bar.

Rockstar has revealed that both the custom GTA5 Xbox One and PS4 console are “individually hand-fabricated consoles” which feature “an exclusive black-on-black Grand Theft Auto V design, laser etched on micro perforated metal paneling with hi-gloss deep green painted accents and a custom color-matched controller.”