Stuffing all your touch-up essentials into a tiny clutch can be quite a challenge. We know it’s a real struggle to give up prime purse space just so you can bring the “more important” items—a.k.a. your credit card, keys, and driver’s license. The best way to bring your trusted makeup products on your nights out? Stashing travel-sized goodies. Besides, the last thing you’d want to deal with while mingling and dancing is lugging around a chunky, heavy purse. We’ve narrowed down your party essentials in the gallery below.

Party Clutch

A tiny bottle of perfume

You have to smell fresh all night, right? Transfer your favourite perfume to an atomizer that will fit your purse.


A blemish camouflaging product should be a staple in your clutch. It’s the perfect tool to hide surprise zits and clean up makeup smudges.

Hair pins

Dancing the night away may cause your updo to fall apart. Rescue your distressed coif by putting it back in place with bobby pins.

Compact mirror

An LED mirror is always handy for touch-ups in the dark—and yes, for subtly spying on the cute guy behind you.

Dental floss

Flash your pearly whites proudly without worrying about bit of hors d’oeuvres hanging between your teeth.