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Demi Moore, Marisa Tomei, and More Toast Rosetta Getty With Net-a-Porter in L.A.

Demi Moore, Marisa Tomei, and More Toast Rosetta Getty With Net-a-Porter in L.A.

Rosetta Getty’s still-new namesake label is gaining momentum. Last night, Net-a-Porter hosted a dinner to celebrate the line, which it just began selling, at the Hollywood Hills home Getty shares with her husband, Balthazar Getty. “It feels like it’s a real company this time,” the designer said, referring to her earlier line, Riser Goodwyn. “I thought about the needs of myself and women like myself,” she continued, nodding in the direction of Demi Moore, Marisa Tomei, Amanda Demme, and Sam Taylor-Johnson, who mingled with the likes of Emile Hirsch and Alex Pettyfer. “I thought about how we needed to move through our days. I didn’t want to have to go home and change, I don’t have time to do that anymore.”

Camilla Belle noted Getty’s attention to fabric as a strong selling point. For Net-a-Porter buying manager Sasha Sarokin, in town from London for the affair, one of the line’s attractions is its laid-back yet elegant sensibility. “I met Rosetta in London, and wearing my European hat, she felt perfectly relevant,” Sarokin said of the line’s crossover appeal. “And yet she lives the L.A. lifestyle and that’s the hat that she was wearing. It’s a balance of form meets function, but in a way that is so aligned with what we actually want to see.” Post-dinner, Balthazar Getty joined Rain Phoenix for a short outdoor performance.

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