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This is why social media marketers should not be ignoring Google+

Posted in Photography, WordPress9 years ago • Written by Matt Kaludi2 Comments

This is why social media marketers should not be ignoring Google+

At least once a day, I’m asked by some casually-curious user for my opinion on whether or not Google+ will beat out Facebook. It’s one of those hypothetical questions that makes me roll my eyes and take slow, deep breaths.

As someone who has been following the growth of both networks almost religiously for the past four months now, hearing the same drum beating over and over has begun to wear on my nerves. In fact, I’d wager that the companies at the focus of this question are also tired of being forced to lament over this same debate.

One of the key reasons this social network rivalry is the subject of such intense critique, however, is because the dissection of both platforms is actually incredibly important to the way marketers of the future need to think. With new networks and tools being introduced nearly every day, it is absolutely vital for social media strategists and business developers alike to stay on top of what’s current, what’s trending, and what has the potential to go viral — and all with profitability, bottom lines and ROI in mind.

Luckily for them, my encyclopedic back-knowledge (#humblebrag) and ongoing obsession with social media has left me with several important points to make in favor of Google+, the new social hub that is pioneering the way through unfamiliar territory for typical social campaign strategies. Let’s dive in.

What do the actual companies think of one another?

While analysts, press and other interested third party critics have definitely had their chance to preach both their eulogies and praise for each of the networks, the two competing platforms themselves also have more than a bit to say on the subject.

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