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How to attract readers to your blog and make them stay

Posted in WordPress9 years ago • Written by Matt KaludiNo Comments

How to attract readers to your blog and make them stay

Ah yes. A familiar beginner’s problem for any new blogger: No readers. Assuming you’re comparing your brand new blog to an already-well-established website with a huge following, it’s understandable why the task of luring in an audience might seem overwhelming. Not everyone can snap their fingers and magically summon a rabid fan base of hungry readers just waiting to devour your every word.

That said, there are a few things you can do to attract readers and drive traffic to your blog, most of which only take a bit of leg-work for the first few weeks, but really help pave the road for all of your future posts.

For those of you struggling with the very common blog-population-zero issue, let me first point you in the direction of my previous post, how to define your target audience. If you’ve already read that and are ready for the next step, read on.

Focus on your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of those fancy terms that bloggers tend to throw around pretty regularly. Not only because it sounds cool, but because it works. By optimizing your blog across engines like Google, Bing, etc, you are effectively allowing the Internet to discover you. While new readers can definitely discover you through other means like word of mouth, often times, search engines are more likely to be your friend in the battle for a larger audience.

It’s wise to link back to your blog several times across the web from anywhere you’ve established any sort of presence. You essentially want to make it impossible for anyone to not find you online because you’ve put an obvious effort into making sure your blogging identity is seen everywhere your potential audience is likely to be.

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