Five Reasons to Buy A Premium WordPress Theme

Most beginner WordPress users ask me a question – do I really need a premium WordPress theme? And my answer is always the same, YES! Keep reading the post to know why.

reasons to buy Premium WordPress themes

Why should you buy a premium WordPress theme?

We all know that WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is free to use. But if you think, you can get everything for free to make serious profits from your blogs or websites, you are thinking wrong.

You have to first invest money online before making money. It takes money to make money in blogging or any online business.

Most free WordPress themes don’t give a pleasant look to your sites, they are all cluttered and load really slow when compared to premium WordPress themes. If you use free or cheap themes, and lose your data because of some crappy coding, you can’t blame anyone but you. You will lose all your money, time and energy that you have put into building profitable blogs. This is the primary reason why you must consider using premium WordPress themes over free themes.

Here are 5 strong reasons to buy a premium WordPress theme.

1. Security is the #1 reason

Did you know the fact that hackers search for the websites that use free WordPress themes? Yes, that’s true. All the hackers know the fact that they can get easy access to the sites that use free themes. Want to make your sites secure? Never use free or cheap WordPress themes.

You can’t rely upon free or cheap themes, mostly free WordPress themes are embedded with malicious code that can be a huge security threat for your WordPress sites. Most beginners think that using a free theme can be a life saver, but it’s not. So if you are really serious about making money online, invest money on your site design first.

2. Search engine friendly

Not all the WordPress themes are search engine friendly designs by default. Because the developers have to work really hard to make them search engine friendly to boost your organic traffic. This is the reason why most blogs that use free or cheap WordPress themes won’t notice any traffic from search engines like Google.

Search engine traffic is the lifeblood for any profitable online business. If you are running a blog or business online, without organic traffic you can’t get any leads, sales or traffic. By using search engine friendly themes, you will not only boost your organic traffic, but you are giving a better experience to your website visitors.

Almost every premium WordPress theme is focused on improving search engine traffic. Here at Magazine3, we are more concerned about designing search engine friendly designs for our clients, so go have a look at our themes and you will see dramatic changes in your traffic levels after installing any of our themes.

Come on, you get what you pay for. Improving your organic traffic is not easy, it’s a tedious task and many professionals invest thousands of dollars on improving their search traffic. By investing your money on buying a premium WordPress theme is the surefire way to build a search engine friendly website.

3. Customer support

You won’t get any support when you are in trouble with your blog’s design when you are using free WordPress themes. There will be sometimes your blog’s design go crazy while playing with your CSS code. This is where you can’t do anything unless you have an access to customer support for the themes you are using on your blogs or websites.

When it comes to premium themes, they always provide great support, tutorials etc. to their customers. This way when the things go wrong at your end, you don’t have to worry about it much, your theme developing and their customer support staff will take care of the things.

4. Frequent updates and theme functionality

An added advantage of using premium WordPress themes on your sites is that they often get updated. Thus you will get new features on your themes whenever the developers update. Trust me, most premium WordPress themes always come up with extra features to make your design rocking.

Functionality of the premium WordPress themes is another important factor to consider. You don’t need to use too many plugins if you are using a premium WordPress theme for your sites as most of these themes are in-built with additional features.

For example, if you are using Magazine3 themes, you don’t have to use a separate plugin to claim your Google authorship, the feature is in-built in the theme itself. Also you don’t have to worry about making your design mobile friendly as all of premium themes are mobile responsive by default.

5. To easily stand out from the crowd

You can easily customize the premium WordPress themes on your sites. You don’t have to turn hundreds of coffee cups into code to make your design awesome.

Most of the premium WordPress themes are unique and give your site a refreshing look. Even if you want to customize and make your design unique, you can still do that by playing with your CSS.

Make sure to use their forums and other tutorials to make your design rocking. Read their blog posts and tutorials (as most of the quality websites that sell premium WordPress themes have blogs) to know their quality on making themes.

Few things to consider before buying a premium WordPress theme

Are you thinking to buy a premium theme for your WordPress sites? Before that, here are few essential things you should know.

  • Check whether they have an awesome customer support or not because you need help when your site design is in trouble.
  • Check their themes loading time. Speed matters a lot. Use their demo versions to see how their themes look in real time.
  • Check whether they have a refund policy or not.
  • Above all, check whether they have a blog and they are doing consistent updates or not. This is important because before buying their themes, you will get to know their quality.

So what are your thoughts? Would you choose premium WordPress themes over free themes?

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  1. Yes Rahul you are absolutely right and currently I am using free wordpress theme but I feel the urge to go for premium wordpress theme and surly I will do it within 1 to 2 days since you can customize the theme the way you want and this is not easy with free themes! Great post keep up the good work Rahul

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