We need beta users for this new thing that we are working on!

We are working on this new thing and we need beta users (bloggers & website owners) for your user feedback. Email me on matt@magazine3.com to get access to it.

Idea is mixture of having social community and forums. Motivation behind this idea is purely to help bloggers and new webmasters. This new section thing is in the beta and invite only at the moment. Email me on matt@magazine3.com to get the signup link.

It frustrates me that social networking sites has so taken over our lives that we don’t have the sweet internet moments that we used to have few years ago. I think that this will be a great place to hangout and get help from fellow bloggers & entrepreneurs. People can meet new bloggers, entrepreneurs & webmasters from around the world,  discuss problems and get help.

Our Intention is not to make money, our intention is purley to help bloggers and website owners. In one line, i would say ‘Helping people to make their websites better’.

Email me on matt@magazine3.com to get an invitation. After you sign up, you can send invitations to your friends too.


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