6 Essential Video SEO Tips for WordPress

According to a research conducted by ReelSEO shows that upwards 93% of marketers use video content to grow their online businesses to make more sales. Interesting fact is that, 82% of them found that video content had a positive impact on their sales.

Are you creating videos to make money online? Are you a video SEO beginner who wants to get more views, likes and comments? If yes, this article is for you where I’ll be sharing few proven video SEO tips for WordPress users.

video SEO tips

It doesn’t matter whether you are making videos for fun, or running a video blog to make profits, you need to properly optimize your videos for specific keywords to get more online reach.

Video SEO tips for WordPress beginners

1. Research keywords before creating videos

Want to get more views on your videos? Don’t skip researching your keywords. If you don’t do this step, no matter how hard you work, you won’t get any results from search engines.

First off, define your video viewers. Who you are creating videos for? If you know your target audience, it becomes easy for you to select keywords for your video creation. Then analyze your competition to see how much growth you can see on your own videos.

For example, if you are creating fitness related videos and want to get more views, search your competition either on Google or YouTube to see how many hungry people are there.

If you do the above two simple steps, your SEO strategy for video optimization becomes highly effective and gives you more search results and rankings for any desired keywords.

2. Meta data is the key to video optimization

Meta data is a short description that’s used to describe what your videos are all about. If you properly optimize your metadata for few keywords related to the video, you can drive massive traffic from Google.

It also becomes easy to find your videos by targeted visitors by using properly optimized keywords on your video description. Don’t upload a video on YouTube or any other platform without properly formatting your targeted keywords.

3. Keyword placement is everything

Once you find your buyer keywords, you need to use them in prominent places to get most out of search rankings.

Use your targeted keywords on the title of your videos because title tag is one of the most key ranking factors in search algorithms. Make sure to include your main (potential) keywords of your videos in the video title tag and keep it simple and short.

As said in the above sub head, don’t forget the importance of using your main keywords in the meta description of your videos. Doing proper on-page optimization on your videos can help you get more search traffic for your specific keywords.

4. Be aware of video scrappers

What if someone simply stoles your videos, modifies few things and uploads on a video sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo? All your efforts in creating videos go in vain, right? Also you will losing a lot of traffic to their advantage, so make sure to check whether someone’s using your videos or not.

Here’s how to prevent someone stealing your videos and uploading them on the web.

Firstly, contact them immediately. Ask them to remove your videos from web and mention them they are your own property.

Give proof that the copied videos are your own.  If they really liked your videos, then ask them to give a link bank (proper credits) to your video channels or your own websites. And you can raise a complaining by using YouTube’s copyright infringement notification page. They will take care of the rest if you provide them a proof that the videos are actually owned by you.

Note: Make sure to copyright your own videos before raising any infringement claims. Show your website links at the end of the video (or at the beginning) and create a copyright license for your videos.

5. Transcript your video

Want to boost your search rankings for your videos? Use transcriptions for your videos.

If someone can’t view or understand your videos, transcription helps them to read what you’ve created on your videos. Apart from this, using transcription also helps you get more traffic from search engines as you will have more chances of using specific keywords on your transcription.

You can either manually transcribe your videos into text or you can use tools to transcript. You can use Caption Tube to easily create caption or transcription for your videos.

Don’t leave it to the computers to transcribe your video content as they barely do it precisely. Mostly, you end up getting poor captions for your videos, so either do it manually or use the suggested tool to create transcriptions.

6. Call your audience to take action

A CTA (Call To Action) is a must for any video to go viral. What do you want your viewers to do after watching your video? Buy your products? Watch another video? Visit your website? Call them to take necessary action.

If you are posting videos on YouTube, you can use annotations to place call to actions. If you are hosting videos on your own websites, show your call to actions at the beginning or end of the videos. If your audience really like your videos and find them interesting, they will definitely follow your instructions.

Bonus tip: Submit a video XML sitemap to search engines. A sitemap helps you crawl your videos quickly by Google crawlers or bots. It helps you get your videos indexed in the search results fast. Please refer this post on how to submit your video sitemaps across all the platforms.

In a nutshell: Optimizing your videos for search engines to get more views and comments is an ongoing task. You can never say you’re done with search engine optimization be it for video optimization or articles. Avoid black hat SEO techniques like paid link building, spam comments etc. to stay safe. Follow the above mentioned video SEO tips to improve your overall search rankings without looking like a spam.

What are the other SEO tips for videos do you have? Please share your video SEO optimization tips in the comments below.

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