I am very excited to announce our 18th premium WordPress theme ‘TopGadget‘. We reached out to a specific niche audience before the release and we got great response from them.

TopGadget is built on the framework that was built for CelebrityGossip theme. After releasing the CelebrityGossip theme, we got so many emails from people saying that they love the theme and its structure, but they would like to use for different purpose. So we decided to create a similar looking theme for different purpose. TopGadget is a responsive WordPress theme. It has all the things that a successful Technology/Gadget website needs.

Checkout TopGadget theme features at magazine3.com/topgadget
and TopGadget demo at magazine3.com/topgadget/demo

TopGadget is a WordPress theme for Technology blogs, Gadget websites & Tech News sites. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look professional website and you get maximum exposure to your content.

Note: I would like to thank to our users for such an amazing feedback and suggestions. They have been great supporters. If you have any suggestions for the future themes or a feature that should be integrated in themes, then feel free to email me on matt@magazine3.com.

Be sure to let us know what do you think in comment section.

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19 thoughts on “New Theme: ‘TopGadget’ Released”

  1. Finally,

    I’ve been searching for several weeks to find decent themes and could not find them anywhere. You are the only theme designer to provide functional and decent looking themes with adequate space for advertisements. I have no idea why almost nobody else is making such themes. Thank you, and I will be buying at least 1-2 themes within the next few weeks.

    Honestly, you should get a better affiliate program because I’ve been searching for weeks and didn’t find you. People should know about these functional themes.

    1. I have to agree I’ve also been searching for weeks. I settled on one though techmag although its lacking alot of things that a tech blog basically needs. But after I found this theme I dumped techmag and switched to this one. It was really easy to set up and now that it is setup I am really enjoying it. Thanks Magazine3.

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