Top Tips To Attain A Search-Engine Friendly WordPress Blog

WordPress blog is definitely the “IN” thing in today’s web world. Whether you own a small business or one that has a wider reach, maintaining a flawless WordPress blog is considered a key to online success. If you’re a WordPress blog owner then luck is purely on your side because you can easily make your opinions reach a larger group of people across the globe. In order to ensure a strong online presence of your WordPress blog, it’s vital to make it friendly with the search engines. Through this post, I’ll be offering you some brilliant tips that will aid you in ensuring the search-engine friendly status of your WordPress blog.

What’s the need to make WordPress blog search-engine friendly?

Considering the ever-changing search engine algorithms, it has become very important to optimize your WordPress blog. You need to modify the settings of your WordPress blog so as to get it indexed by all the popular search engines. Neglecting the search engine optimization of your blog can lead to a downfall in your backlinks and your overall online performance. You need to use the best Seo tools and techniques for optimizing your blog posts as per the search engine algorithms.

And now, some excellent tips on making your blog search engine friendly

Tip#1- Include keywords within Blog topics


The best SEO strategy that works wonders for every business organization is focusing on specific keywords/phrases that are related to the subject you intend to cover through your WordPress blog. Try picking a topic that contains these keywords so that when people search for articles/blogs using the respective keywords/phrases, your blog gets listed on top of the search engine results page (SERP). Never opt for topics that contain long sentences or phrases because it makes difficult for the search engines to generate results based on proliferated search text.

Tip#2- Optimize the blog post headlines and URLs


Keywords play an important role in the success or failure of a WordPress blog. Make sure to include relevant keywords into your blog posts, making it easier for the search engines to index them on an instant basis. Upon finalizing keywords for titles, make sure to test them for the reader count. You may choose to experiment with headline structure for generating greater clicks and shares on different social media sites. Opt for headlines of length up to 65 characters. Additionally, also pay attention to optimizing the page’s URL. Don’t forget to include the specific keywords into this URL as this will aid the blog in getting promoted all over the web. Separate the keywords by dashes.

Tip#3- Incorporate social sharing buttons


If you write great content and own a wonderful WordPress blog, it’s time to promote your blog on the best social media platforms. Well, there are a number of options for sharing your blog posts via internet but the one that has impressed millions of blog owners is adding social sharing buttons including Twitter tweet, LinkedIn share, Facebook like/share, Google +1 button and many more. You may also choose to add the Pin it button based on the content type and target audience.

Tip#4- Uncheck WordPress default category “Uncategorized”


As an SEO standard, you should never leave your blog posts uncategorized. While writing a blog post or making someone else to write for your site, ensure to consider a category for the write-up. Well, categories are a great means of making search engines and your readers understand the basic idea behind your write-up. You may either choose to uncheck the “Uncategorized” category or rename it with a different category name using the category options provided within the WordPress administrator panel.

Tip#5- Give priority to the quality of content


Considering the recent Google updates, webmasters are giving special preference to the content quality. Google is always on a look out for websites containing 100% original and high quality content. If your WordPress Blog contains articles written in poor grammar it’s high time to pay special attention to the quality of each writing piece published on your site. Nowadays, readers are clever in differentiating between a real content and SEO write-ups. Hence, it becomes crucial to put in that little extra effort towards making sure each write-up posted on your blog is high on quality and capable of grabbing a greater audience.

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the proven tips on optimizing your WordPress blog for popular search engines. Hope you’d have loved reading the post. If you know of a tip that can be added to the above list, please feel free in using the comments section below. I’ll also be waiting for receiving your thoughts and suggestions on my post.

About The Author – Jack Calder has an awesome experience of writing technical content and developer html to wordpress websites. He is a incessant developer in Markupcloud Ltd. Jack has shared a nice article on how a blog which is made in WordPress becomes search engine friendly.

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6 thoughts on “Top Tips To Attain A Search-Engine Friendly WordPress Blog”

  1. Thanks for covering all the aspects of wordpress blog.
    I want to add few more tips with readers:

    Enable Browser Caching
    Use a CDN:
    Monitor Your Plugins
    Enable Gzip Compression
    Minify Your JavaScript and CSS Files
    most important Use Fast Search Engine Optimized Themes
    Optimize Your WordPress Database

  2. Well
    ..this is a way to help with the seo. .but we still need the h1 , h2,h4. And the cache…we need the speed….and https. …so we gain rank..and beter position on Google bin,yahoo. And so many….more little seo trick.

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