Top Most Useful Plugins For Managing Files In WordPress

Today, most of the WordPress site owners are using multiples types of media with an objective to enhance their web content. With the use of high-resolution images, videos, audios and other media, you can boost the user experience of your website. You can insert images in between the content or add images/videos to break up lengthy content into small and digestive paragraphs.


As we know, all media files are stored in the media library where one can search, edit, and remove these files. But to make your job simpler, we bring you the top file manager plugins for WordPress that can allow you to manage all your media files easily and comfortably.

So, let us explore the top 10 WordPress file manager plugins:

1. Media Library Categories

Media Library Categories is a lightweight file manager plugin that empowers you to add taxonomies to your media files. This plugin makes it easy to assign categories and subcategories to your media files in bulk.

After assigning the categories, you can also filter your media files with the dynamic dropdown menu. With Media Library Categories, you can manage your website’s images and videos with ease.

2. Media Library Assistant

It is a mind blowing WordPress plugin used to boost the WP media manager by using some of the handful features.

Media Library Assistant introduces a cutting-edge gallery shortcode that enables users to insert images as well as other media files to your post. It also adds markup and style templates that allow you to manage the design of your galleries.

Plus, you can add, delete and replace taxonomies in bulk through quick edit. It also intensifies the WordPress media search by adding ALT text, slug, and image captions as search filters.

In fact, it also informs you about your media file that where they are used on your site, and provide other information related to the file. And, Media Library Assistant has the ability to process IPTC, EXIF, and PDF media data.

3. ImageInject

ImageInject is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that let you add images to your blog post with ease. It allows you to search the Flickr’s database from the WP backend and add images in the blog within a few clicks.

It means that you have hundreds and thousands of free images under the Creative Commons license. And the best thing about this plugin is that it automatically creates an attribution link that can save a lot your time and effort.

4. Enhanced Media Library

Enhanced Media Library is a great WordPress plugin, which is used by many website owners who need to manage a bundle of media files. It enables you to build a limitless number of categories. It also has the potential to filter your media files by categories to the media manager.

In fact, it allows you to create the unlimited number of media taxonomies such as categories and tags. And you can also generate extra types for documents, PDFs and other files.

5. Media Tags

Media Tags inserts an extra field to the media manager to add tags to each file. In fact, it let you display a taxonomy that is already integrated with the image in question and also suggest extra ones. With this you can add, remove and edit the files in bulk.

Under Media Tags settings panel, you can find a new Roles management panel that enables you to tweak the access by each and every user. To an addition, it comes with new Help section that offers various topics from the basic use to shortcode guidelines. You can ask anything related to the Media-Tags.

6. Remote Media Libraries

Remote Media Libraries is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to access media from external sources to your own WP library through YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and more. It makes it super easy to navigate, search and add remote media into your posts and pages.

You can also opt for Pro versions of Remote Media Libraries plugin that comes with advanced features such as crafting albums and lists, uploading media from WP to a remote service and more.

7. Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer automatically renames the filenames of your media according to their titles. While files are renamed, their links are also updated (such as pages, posts, custom types and metadata).  The files are automatically renamed for a better SEO.

Plus, this plugin comes with a handy dashboard known as File Renamer in Media that allows you to rename all your media files at once.

8. WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager is a great management plugin for WordPress that allows users to manage and track file downloads, sell digital products with ease from your WordPress website.

Furthermore, it generates a new custom post type for media files. In fact, you can use Password Protection to restrict access to your media files. You can also arrange price when you want to see the digital stuff. It gives the liberty to users to download free products and when a product has a price tag, then user need to go via cart and checkout the desired product.

It offers the easy-to-use checkout option that gives excellent experience to users while they purchase a product from your online store.

9. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is an incredible plugin for WordPress site that automatically optimize your images when you upload them to your blog post. It has the ability to resize the file size of images that you have already uploaded. It let you transform all your images automatically to the file format that will generate the tiniest image size and can apply lossy reductions for JPG and PNG images.

10. Imsanity

Imsanity is a great plugin that automatically reduces the file size of uploaded images into a manageable size. It also provides the bulk optimizing option to selectively optimize the uploaded images to discharge the disk space.

It is a perfect plugin for blogs that don’t need high-resolution images to be stored or user unable to scale the images before uploading them to the site.


In this blog post, we have discussed 10 most useful and high-quality WordPress plugins that can help you manage media files of your site with ease. You can pick out any of the plugin and manage your web content efficiently.

About The Author – Maggie Sawyer is a professional web developer, a blogger by hobby. Presently she works for MarkupHQ Ltd., a web development service provider company with a global reach. She passionate about sharing ideas and thoughts related to WordPress customization.

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