WordPress is a fabulous CMS that is easy to use and consistently updated to ensure an advanced and highly secure platform. Its useful attributes make this free, open-source platform the most preferred choice across the globe. And, it is worth mentioning that there are superlative plugins and themes that add to its credibility, while allowing one to customize his WP site to leverage his business.

In this mobile age, where almost everyone is carrying the Internet in their pockets, users are not just limited to browse websites on the go, but the inception of applications has made the benefits much larger than that. The changing user behavior has incessantly encouraged developers to develop advanced mobile apps that have revolutionized businesses. Today, the app stores are flooded with a plethora of application, catering to various needs of end users and organizations. You can easily seek an application for almost anything by exploring the app stores like Google Play Store for Android apps, Apple App Store for iOS applications or any other.

No doubt, the mobile applications have introduced amazing luxury to our life. In fact, there are apps that have been designed to facilitate WordPress website management on the go, that otherwise is a challenging task to do on mobile devices. Thus, no matter where you are, there are apps that can help you boost your productivity and handle your site with a flair.

This article will unleash a few incredible mobile apps that enable WP site management even when you are away from your work station. Let’s distill the remarkably useful apps for WordPress site owners.

1) iA Writers

You can compose your WordPress blogs without getting distracted by numerous options on your screen by using this prolific application. It has been designed keeping the screen real estate for mobiles in mind. It simply allows users to write plain text with a great ease, and thus, helps stay productive at work. This iOS app also allows one to export the written blogs to reliable cloud storage like DropBox and iCloud. Though it is a paid application, but it is an absolute value for money.


2) WordPress

Blogging offers a brilliant way to share your thoughts and feelings over the Internet, and with this blissful application, it becomes even better. Developed by Automattic, WordPress is available for both Android and iOS users. It simply scales down the dashboard to make blogging and WP site management absolutely convenient on the go. The app offers an intuitive interface accompanied by numerous useful features that are sure to boost your efficiency.


3) Grafio – Diagrams & ideas

You might wonder that why I have added this app to the list. But, no one can deny that blog planning plays a vital role in ensuring a surefire blog. Since, almost every blog demands a well-planned approach and graphical elements, this app justifies its position in this list. Grafio is a premium iOS application that augments planning in a great manner. It facilitates one to efficiently design neat flow charts, diagrams, etc., with its easy-to-use digital canvas. You can sketch, draw or import shapes to complete your design and save your files in DropBox or Box.net.


4) ManageWP

ManageWP is a brilliant app that makes WP site management a breeze. With this app you can proficiently control your website anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to update plugins or themes, this prolific tool will help you keep your website up-to-the-minute even when you are not in front of your desktop. Most importantly, it also allows one to instantly take the complete backup of his site within a few simple steps, thereby, making sure that the featured content and settings are secure. Moreover, by the virtue of this versatile app, you can seamlessly manage analytics, comments and your WP dashboard.


5) BlogPress

BlogPress is a great blog management platform that supports various blogging platforms, including WordPress, Tumblr, etc. It features an inbuilt system for easy comment management, basic function to support the uploading of media files and easy blogging, etc. Furthermore, the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter also come with this app. It, thus, allows you to enjoy social media interactions while blogging. This app makes a great choice for iOS users.


6) Dropbox

I believe, Dropbox is simply perfect to be added in any list of applications. Its utile features and great offerings usually allow it to get an entry in almost any kind of list. Dropbox has garnered a huge popularity in the last few years. It offers an invaluable platform which can be accessed (for cloud storage) from everywhere, while the integrated a high end lock ensures security of the saved data.


7) Hootsuit

Promoting a WordPress website is yet another crucial task that must be accomplished with a great precision. It helps drive traffic to your site, which adds to your business success. For this reason, an application like Hootsuit that makes social network management quite simple and effective makes a viable choice. With this app, you can engage conveniently with platforms like Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and more via your handy device. It allows one to create an auto queue for posts, schedule them, handle social media platforms and offers several other useful functions that can help promote your site with ease.


WordPress is lauded for its superior features and these applications further enhance its functionality while allowing you to access and manage your WP site as and when desired. Get the suitable apps installed on your mobile and heighten your productivity with an updated site.


About The Author – Addison Cohen is a mobile app developer working with Appsted Ltd, which offers iOS app development services and delivers most comprehensive mobile application solutions. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.

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  1. I don’t have idea about above all apps so thank a lot for sharing very useful information. using above apps I had managed my all wordpress Blog.

  2. Great list of mobile app i use it Ai Writer app to manage my wordpress blog, most of time i am away from PC so its great way to manage site through mobile & this app make my work so easy thanks for share.

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