6 Insider Tips to Building A Successful Blog

building a successful blog

Building a successful blog or website is an ongoing process, not a rocket science. You can’t build a better blog overnight. You need a long term strategy to make it a success. Without a proper plan or blueprint, your blog easily gets abandoned in the crowded online market.

If you don’t want to let that happen, and searching for genuine ways to create a successful blog, this detailed guide is for you.

We all know, successful bloggers are not born, they are made just like you and me. Anyone can go from zero to hero by following few simple tips, here I’ll be sharing few proven insider tips that will help you reach your blogging goals to build a successful blog.

How to build a successful blog or website in 2014?

How 90% of the “Pros” make money online

Almost every professional blogger who is making a living from their online businesses has a passive income stream model. They either sell eBooks, membership sites, and or dependent on selling digital products. If you are searching for ways to build a profitable blog, focus on creating products.

  • Find out your targeted audience
  • Know their pains and frustrations
  • Create solutions and launch the products to cure their problems.

This is how most professionals make money online and create passive income streams around their online businesses. All the successful bloggers are insanely helpful when it comes to building a loyal readership around their blogs.

They all keep in mind the fact that solving their readers’ problems is the only way to build a better blog. If you can’t address your audience problems, how would they trust you and buy your products? Therefore, you need to analyze your readers’ problems, then start finding the solutions that your competition can’t offer.

Learn the art of selling

Want to grow your online business and make a passive income from your websites? You must learn the art of selling. Without knowing how to sell, you can’t build a profitable online business, it’s as simple as that.

Observe any successful blogger or marketer in your niche, and you will notice that they are all good at selling. They know how to convince their readers or visitors to make money from them.

And the best part? They don’t force their visitors to buy their stuff, they don’t spam their readers’ feed. Instead, they give easy options to their visitors to decide whether or not buy from them. They give their visitors enough time to convert into sales before sending any hard email pitches which takes me to the next point.

Convert visitors into subscribers into customers

Successful bloggers know how to convert their website visitors into buyers. If you want to become a profitable blogger, you need to do the same. Learn to convert people into leads into sales.

Here’s how can you do it. Firstly, focus on giving excellent content resources to your visitors. This way they will be able to get a great help from you for free. Then, start building an email list, create a freebie (guide or video or plugin) and give it away for free to boost your email subscription rates.

Once you have started building the list, you can then start focusing on building trust, then introducing your products to let them buy. This way you will be converting normal website visitors into subscribers, and then making them your buyers.

Networking is the key to blogging success

There’s a saying, “the richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for job” and it is so true when it comes to building a thriving network online to increase your revenue.

Don’t think networking as a complex stuff, it is just making new friends online. If you are able to help each and other, you can both make profits, this is also called win/win approach.

Remember that, before seeking help from other people, focus on helping them first. Don’t focus on you, focus on how you can help others. This way you will be able to build strong relationships with others that can give you rewarding results in the long run. You need to think about getting long term results from networking instead of getting quick results.

Become a go-to guy in your niche

Why would anyone read your websites? Why would a visitor buy your products instead of your competitors?

There’s a reason why most people share influencers stuff online. They always push the best information that you can’t resist to share. Successful bloggers are at first amateurs, they worked hard all the way to reach top positions and they became successful because they focused on becoming a “go-to” guy in their topics.

If you want to build a successful blog, become a go-to guy. Be good at one thing, let others know you are really good at it, and people will come and seek your help no matter what.

You also need to give strong reasons to your customers to choose YOU over your competition if you want to survive in the blogging world. Without having a strong USP (unique selling point), you can’t build a better blog in 2014. Figure out what your clients want and also search for different ways to stand out from the crowd to stay ahead.

Consistency can take you from zero to hero

Building a successful blog can’t happen overnight. You have to work every day to reach your goals, not once in a while. Consistency is the main trigger for any profitable website that generates a passive income. Here are tips where you can be consistent in taking your blog to the next level.

  • Know your posting frequency (make sure it’s not irritating your regular visitors)
  • Be consistent in updating your web pages
  • Make sure to focus on the essential things that give you better results
  • Never forget to keep in touch with your readers (through social media or emails)

In a nutshell: Interacting with your readers regularly, finding and solving their problems, creating products to make your customer’s life better, giving your readers a strong reason to visit your site again, spending time on social media to boost your online presence etc. can help you build a successful blog even though you are new to the online world.

Let me know your tips on building a profitable blog in 2014? I’d be glad to hear your thoughts.

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