WordPress has a great feature called ‘Featured Thumbnails’ or the ‘Post Thumbnails’  which allows you to setup thumbnails for your posts. Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you have installed a theme and the thumbnails will not show up on homepage. That is because you haven’t setup the ‘Featured Thumbnail’ in your posts, this is the solution for most of the people.

Note: To use this feature, your WordPress theme must have support for the featured thumbnails. Themes have to declare their support for post thumbnails before the interface for assigning these images will appear on the Edit Post and Edit Page screens. If your theme doesn’t have featured thumbnail and you wish to add this feature then you must look into this codex article.

What is a Featured Image in WordPress?

Post Thumbnails is a theme feature introduced with Version 2.9. It was quickly changed to Featured Images with Version 3.0. Post Thumbnail, now Featured Image, is an image that is chosen as the representative image for Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types. The display of this image is up to the theme. This is especially useful for “magazine-style” themes where each post has an image.

How to Setup a Featured Image in WordPress 3.9?

For this tutorial, we will use theHealth theme which has this feature built in. When you don’t set the featured image, here is how it looks without the thumbnail:

WordPress post blogging format

and here is how we will setup a thumbnail in it.

1. Go to Edit screen and click on the post you want to set the featured thumbnail to.

Edit a WordPress post

2. You will find a section on the right hand side called ‘Featured Image’ and in that section, you will notice a link ‘Set featured image’, Click on ‘Set featured image’ link.

Featured image WordPress 3.9

3. You will see Media library on your screen. You can select the image from already uploaded images, images that were uploaded to that specific post or you can even upload your own image.

WordPress 3.9 media library

4. Select the image and click on ‘Set featured image’ button

Select and set Featured image WP 3.9

5. Click on ‘Update’ from Publish Panel

Post Status Published Update WordPres

Let’s check the result!

Featured Thumbnail WordPress theme 3.9

You can see the preview of theHealth theme with Thumbnail in above screenshot. That was easy, wasn’t it?


Where to go from here?

We hope that this article helped you with setting up an image as thumbnail on WordPress homepage. Please leave any comments or questions below.  Stick around for more WordPress tutorials. If you have suggestions for tutorials that you wish to see on this blog, then let us know in comments.

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