Super Charge Your Comments With Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast has come up with its new plugin YOAST COMMENT HACKS which enhances the default WordPress commenting system. The plugin bundles with the five advanced modules which help in improvising user engagement.


Lets us get educated with all the five modules individually:

1.  Minimum Comment Length

The comments with four to five characters do not add any value to your post. By using Yoast Comments Hacks, you can restrict user’s to comment with specified character length. Which encourages commenter’s and comment readers to get involved in conversation which in turn adds value to the post

How to Setup Minimum Comment Length

setup yoast -7


In the minimum comment length tab,  Set the length of the comment you want user’s to comment with in minimum length section, also set the error message when the comment is below specified length in Error Message Section

2. Email Links

Writing the post doesn’t finish your work but you have to keep engaging with your users by answering their comments. If you want to build your website community then it is really very important to reply to comments.

The Email Links Tab in Yoast Comment Hacks plugin helps you to send the email to each commenter and also to all users who left comments on a particular post.

How to Setup Email Links

setup yoast -8


You can customize the default messages. Customize the message in the “Email body” when you are sending an email to individual comment. If you would like to send emails to all the commenter of the post then customize the message in “Email all Commenter’s body”

3. Comment Redirect

The Comment Redirect module helps to redirect the first time commenter’s to a specific page, where in the page you can insert links of your popular posts,  ask to Subscribe to NewLetter,  Ask to Follow on social media and many.

How to Setup Comment Redirect

setup yoast -9


To use this tab you have to first create and publish a page where you can land your commenter’s. Once the page is published come back to Comment Redirect Tab and set the page from the drop-down list in “Redirect to” section

4. Clean Emails

This option lets you clean up the WordPress default new comment notification email.

How to setup Clean Emails

setup yoast -10


The Clean Comment Emails is checked by default, but you have to uncheck it and save changes. An example of clean email is shown below. Now if you go to the comments area, you can find a new area where you can email the commenter. You can also send bulk email to all users who left a comment on the particular post.

5. Send Emails

To Individual Commenter

setup yoast -11

You can send Email to Individual Comment. After setting up the Yoast Comment Hacks Plugin, Go to comments page from the Dashboard and hover to the comment you want to send an Email to, you will find a new link E-mail Author. Click on that and the Email will be sent with the message that you have setup in “Email Body” Section in Email Links Tab.

To All Commenter’s

setup yoast -12


To send Email to all the user’s that have commented on a post, Just Open the post and you will find an Email icon in the admin bar, Click on that and the Email will be sent with the message that you have setup in “Email all commenters body” in Email Links Tab.

Yoast Team has really done a great job with Yoast Comment Hacks. It might not be useful to every one but it definitely enhances the commenting system for sites with loads of comments.

How to Install Yoast Comment Hacks

Go To WordPress Dashboard then Navigate to plugins

Yoast - dashplugin


Then click on Add New

Yoast - addnew


Search for the Yoast Comment Hacks in the search box and Click on Install

Yoast - install now

Once installed, Activate the Plugin.

Yoast - activate

To setup the plugin. Go to > Dashboard > Settings > Click on Comment Hacks and Customize it according to your needs.

Yoast - comments Hack

Here the installation part ends and Now you can make complete use of Yoast Comment Hacks.


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