StyleLife Update Available! Bugs Fixed & New Features Added…

StyleLife theme is updated and all bugs are fixed. Thanks to our customers for amazing feedback, They really helped us to improve StyleLife. Below is the list of stuff that is added and fixed in new version.

1. TwitterStream ticker option added. So now you can switch this between Twitter stream & Latest news.

2. Native WordPress Thumbnail Option

3. Pagination added

4. Opera & Chrome sidebar bug fixed

5. Thumbnails in archives

6. Multiple Sidebars, For eg:  You can have different widgets in homepage & Post

7. Google Analytics Option added

8. Show/Hide option added for ‘Connect With Us’ in sidebar.

9. Minor bug fixed in ‘Share This’ module

10. Top right default menu color bug fixed

11. Green Bar (Fashion Trends & Gossip area in demo) thumbnail css issue fixed.

Again, credit goes to our awesome users for suggesting the new features.
Happy Holidays! – Matt

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3 thoughts on “StyleLife Update Available! Bugs Fixed & New Features Added…”

  1. Whats up with the demo? The entire content area is pushed to the right, but the header and footer are placed fine. It really makes the whole design look terrible when it glitches like that (in FireFox 4 and Chrome).

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