The Beginner’s Guide: How to Start An Online Newspaper Quickly

Who else wants to start an online newspaper? Hands down, everyone wants to increase their online influence.

Starting your own online newspaper has two biggest advantages.

  1. You can create your own brand without spending much
  2. You can find more people who are interested in your products or services

But most people don’t know how to start one. If you are one among them, this tutorial is for you where you are going to find how to easily create your own online newspaper without robbing banks. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

To start an online newspaper, you need

  • WordPress self-publishing platform
  • Web hosting service
  • A theme that helps you easily create your own online newspaper site

In 3 simple steps, you are going to discover how can you launch your own newspaper site online, publish content and increase your site exposure.

3 steps to starts an online newspaper

We have broken down the article into 3 steps.

Step 1: Setting up your WordPress site

There are a lot of blogging platforms such as Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr etc can help you create your sites for free. By using them, you can create your own news sites.

You may ask, why should I pick WordPress over the others?

WordPress is hands down the best blogging platform for people who wants to build their own websites online. WordPress self-publishing platform gives you full control over your sites unlike other free blogging platforms such as Blogger.

And the best part is, you can create your own newspaper site online on WordPress in under $100 a year.

You need a domain name and web hosting service to build your own newspaper online using WordPress.

Domain name: The name of your online newspaper is what called as a domain name. You can pick anything that is easy to type and remember. Also, make sure your domain suits your overall branding. Let’s say if you are starting your newspaper on eCommerce related news, you can pick something like, etc.

Web hosting service: Web hosting is the storage space for you to save all your files, posts, pages and databases online. You need to pay every year to run your sites with any hosting service. A good and reliable hosting service like Bluehost can cost you only $3.95 per month.

Once you bought your own domain name and web hosting service, you just need to install WordPress on it to start posting online. If you are wondering how to do it all, you can find how can you install WordPress on Bluehost in under 5 minutes here.

Now, let’s talk about how can you start your own online newspaper after installing WordPress.

Step 2: Installing the Newspaper design

The newly installed WordPress design is NOT meant for publishing as an online newspaper. You need to get a professional looking design. For that, you need to install a theme.

Installing the theme is simple and easy. Once you logged into WordPress dashboard (you will get the login details to your email inbox after buying the web hosting), you can go to Appearance >> Themes to install a new theme.

The theme you install on your WordPress is what makes or breaks your online success. Most beginners find cheap or free themes and install them on their sites. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are really serious about building your own brand or increasing your online exposure.

So where can you find great WordPress themes that help you easily launch your own online newspaper?

Here at Magazine3, we are developing exclusive WordPress themes for people who wants to create their own newspaper online. Unlike other themes, these themes are intuitive, search engine friendly and most importantly cost effective.

I highly recommend you to check out the following 2 themes that are incredible to launch online newspaper sites.


newspaper theme

We have recently launched this stunning theme to help you easily launch your own news site. Not only this theme is well crafted but it takes your site look to the whole new level by giving your content more exposure.

Here are few benefits of using NewspaperTimes to start your online news site.

  • Advanced color options to make your site look gorgeous
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Advertisement Options
  • Built-in SEO options
  • Mobile responsive Design
  • Admin Control Panel (to easily change your logo, tagline and other design elements)

Tech News

Tech news

If you are thinking to launch your own news site by covering technology related topics, this theme is just for you. This amazing WordPress magazine theme can also be used for Technology News websites, News Portals, Tech magazines, Phone news sites and General magazine Websites.

Here are few features of this theme.

  • Real time Visual Theme Customizer
  • Let your visitor see beyond navigation with Mega Menu
  • Review Options with Google Structured Data Support
  • Beautiful Article page
  • Helps your visitor to explore your content
  • OpenGraph & Twitter Cards Integrated
  • Responsive WordPress theme for Smartphones
  • Valid HTML5 Markup
  • Translate it to Any Language
  • Demo Content Included
  • Works with Popular SEO Plugins like All in One SEO & Yoast’s WordPress SEO

Not satisfied with the above WordPress magazine themes? You can have a look at all the themes by clicking here.

After installing the theme on your WordPress sites, it’s time for you to publish your content to get more exposure.

Step 3: Publishing articles

Once you have done with everything (installing WordPress and getting a newspaper design), start posting the articles. To publish something, click on Posts >> New Post to create content from your WordPress dashboard.

Make sure to remember the following tips while creating content.

  • Always come up with mesmerizing headlines. Headlines are everything online. Online readers have limited attention span, so they just skim through your headlines. If they are not good, they won’t bother even to click on them. I suggest you to use Portent (it’s a free tool) to brainstorm great headline ideas for your online newspaper.
  • Don’t write duplicate content. Most beginners copy stuff from authority sites and paste it on their own sites. They hope they can increase their traffic by copying from others. Just remember, Google crawlers are really smarter and they will penalize your sites (or may ban your site completely) by doing so. Spend quality time to research and write unique content.
  • Link out to others. Make sure to link to other references online. And whenever you link out, send emails to the people whom you have linked to. That way you can build your own connections.

Publishing articles for your online newspaper is one part and getting exposure to it is another part. Now, let’s talk about how can you do it.

Bringing more traffic to your online newspaper sites

There are literally thousands of ways get more exposure to your online newspaper sites. But most of them are not effective or cost you a lot. So here are two highly effective promotion strategies you can use to grow your influence online.

Social media: Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc have billions of active users. If used right, they can send traffic to your sites almost instantly whenever you publish new content. Make sure to create your own social media profiles for your online newspaper site across all the sites. Be active on them, regularly update your social media pages and connect with the influencers in your industry to quickly boost your online reputation.

Guest posting: Find out the top online journals in your industry and write articles for them. You get both links and a lot of exposure to your newly created sites. Read carefully about the guest posting guidelines where you want to land and spend time on researching and crafting your guest posts. Aim for small blogs if you are completely into online space to gain some confidence and improve your portfolio.

Over to you

Creating your online newspaper is really easy and extremely effective with WordPress. All you need is a professional online newspaper theme to install on your sites to make your site prominent.

Once you start your own news site, make sure to install the necessary SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast, XML sitemaps, Akismet etc to get more search traffic quickly. Most of the plugins on WordPress are free and they are highly effective. Even if you are a beginner, you will find it really easy to start using them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Also, let us know what do you think about starting a newspaper online.

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  1. Nice article on how to start online news paper, it will definitely help for the people who are looking for starting online news paper. Thanks for giving step by step!

  2. Everything above in your presentation is perfect for me to start my online newspaper.

    The questions i have are :-
    1. can i avail these services here in India?
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  3. Thank you for this article. I am saving it to my bookmarks and will be coming back to it often! I’m scared and nervous by my community desperately needs an unbiased and vocal news source. I can’t find one that fulfills those needs so I decided to create one!
    Thank you for the plain speaking advice in this article.

  4. Thank you for the Article.
    Can you tell me is that legal to start online article?
    I have more than 10 news sites and I am running is since more than a year.

    I want to make sure if there are chances I face Legal Issues in terms of domains, contents, copyright or Trademark?

    Your input is appreciated.

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