How to Speed Up Your WordPress Sites Without Any Hassle

speed up your wordpress site Website speed is one of the crucial factors that can make or break your blog’s success. If your site loads slower, you will lose everything from email subscribers to page views to sales. Online people are lazy, they have less attention span, if you make them wait to read or buy your products, they will go to somewhere else. Most users of WordPress don’t really focus on optimizing their site speed. If you don’t optimize your site loading times, you will hate yourself later. Slow websites often irritate your blog visitors and in the long run you will definitely lose your loyal readers and fans if your site loads slower. Use tools like Google page speed to analyze the speed of your WordPress websites.

By doing this, you will better understand what is slowing down your site performance. Google page speed will also show you what needs to be fixed to speed up your WordPress sites. Here’s a detailed screenshot of how it works.

techcrunch google pagespeed

Top ways to speed up WordPress websites

Let’s now talk about different fast and best ways to speed up your WordPress sites without breaking sweat.

Limit the usage of your WordPress plugins

One of the major reasons why your WordPress sites load slower is because of the usage too many plugins. Again, if you use heavy loading plugins which take more time to load can dramatically slow down your WordPress loading times. I always recommend WordPress users to install only those plugins which are extremely important. Don’t install a plugin just because everyone else is using it, know your blog priorities first, then use plugins accordingly. As a rule of thumb, don’t use plugins more than 15. Using plugins like P3 profiler, you will get to know how much the plugins are taking time to load on your sites. Install this plugin and measure the performance of your plugins by analyzing which WordPress plugins are slowing down your site overall performance. This plugin gives you performance report of your WP sites.

Shift to a better web hosting service

Using a cheap or free web hosting providers for your WordPress sites can cost you more in general.

More bandwidth: Top hosting services like Media Temple, Host Gator, Blue host etc. provide unlimited bandwidth to their users. It means you can use how much ever bandwidth you want, you don’t have to bother about the database sizes etc.

Security: Thousands of websites and blogs are getting hacked every single day, your hosting too plays a crucial role in the security of your WordPress sites. So don’t compromise on your hosting by using a cheap or free hosting service, invest some money on the top hosting services. Overall, using a better hosting provider will result in making your site loading time faster.

Never forget to optimize images on your sites

It’s true that a picture is worth of thousand words. But if you are like me, who uses at least one image per blog post without optimizing, it actually can worsen your site loading time. Always make sure to compress your images, if possible try to get rid of using GIF files as they tend to take more time to load which results in making your site loading time even slower. It’s advisable to optimize the images before using them on your blog posts or pages. There are so many free tools out there where you can compress the size of your images without losing the quality. If you find this task tedious, then use the plugin called WP smush it (Download it for free). This will automatically optimizes your existing images and you don’t have to anything else. Install the plugin, sit back and relax.

You can also use a tool called TinyPNG which compresses your png file to the lowest possible size without any loss in quality, it also support alpha transparency of png images while compressing them.

Install a cache plugin

Once you started using cache plugins like W3 total cache or WP super cache, your website loads faster. As many of you are aware of not that WordPress CMS uses too many resources that are actually not needed. When you don’t compress or clear the cache of unwanted resources, it results in your site loading times. This is why you must use a cache plugin. What it does is, it clears all the cache and decreases the CPU usage of your WordPress sites. That is how your website loads faster when you use a cache plugin and clear your cache regularly.

Remove unwanted stuff

Delete deactivated plugins: whatever the plugins are inactively sitting on your dashboard, delete them all. There’s a no reason for you to hold them idle. Only put the plugins that are actively being used. Delete all the spam comments: Most people don’t focus on deleting their spam comments. They also create burden on your site loading performance, make sure to use best plugins like Akismet or CommentLuv etc. to strongly prevent spam. Regularly check from spam comments or links, and delete them. Update your plugins and WordPress version regularly: WordPress makes frequent changes and updates the core regularly, whenever you see an update notification, make sure to update it immediately. It is not only improves your site performance, but it can also makes your sites more secure as updated WordPress core can be hacked hardly. Also update all the plugins that you are using to ensure you are using the plugins that are free of bugs and fully efficient.

Use content delivery network (CDN)

Normally your website files are hosted at one place, if your blog visitors or nearer to that place, your web pages load quickly for them. But for those who are in the other direction might see a lag in loading times. To prevent this problem, people use content delivery networks. What a CDN does is, it even distributes your files and data across the whole world (data centers), and makes sure your website loads faster at all times in every location. One of the widely used CDN networks is, MaxCDN. Though it’s a premium stuff, you will definitely notice faster loading web pages on your sites once you started using it. You can also get free CDN networks and plugins, make sure they all are up to date before using.

So what are you waiting for? First analyze your site performance by using Google page speed, fix all the resources that are slowing down your WordPress sites and use the above tips to speed up WordPress sites. Please let me know if you have any more questions on making your site loading time faster.

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6 thoughts on “How to Speed Up Your WordPress Sites Without Any Hassle”

  1. Great article. To add my two cents, I suppose the biggest overhead is connecting to the database, so any dynamic caching platform like Varnish would go a long way.

  2. for me the cloudflare made a huge improvement on the page load times,

    also there are free wordpress security plugins like sucurri or point blank,

  3. Hi Thanks alot for this post. I am now in the process of fixing up everything that is slowing down my blog’s loading speed. Never knew about CDN , will try to learn and implement it as well.

    1. Hi Sangeetha,

      Thanks, I’m glad to know that this post helped you learn about CDN and explore the WordPress.

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