Sneak Peek of Our New Magazine theme ‘LocalEdition’


We just finished the design process of our upcoming news magazine WordPress theme and we would like to get your feedback / suggestions on how this design can be improved. Feel free to be open about it, we would be grateful to hear the honest opinion.

(drums)……and we are calling it ‘LocalEdition’

NOTE: Click on the image for the larger preview.


We look forward to your thoughts and we will consider implementing your suggestions in this theme.


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37 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Our New Magazine theme ‘LocalEdition’”

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Thumbs up! I would like to request multiple sidebar options since its hard to place content around with advertisements.

  1. Hello Matt,

    the theme looks pretty interesting, but I would like to see the live demo, not the blog.
    So I could explore the resources and provide a more consistent view of me.

    Please let me know when you have the demo live link,
    best regards,

  2. I would potentially like to see some ad unit boxes under the featured news (under the first new box), or flexible unit locations within the template (bit more than the news world theme). It would help publishers if this could be possible. I would suggest perhaps enabling a feature to present 3 columns news widget boxes (under the hottest world news).

  3. The featured content below the menu and above the hotest news scroller. Is it possible to add a widget that is either for an Javascript Implementation (Such as Adsense) or perhaps for social media / email marketing? And have the ability for the webmaster to switch from a featured tile or a widget?

  4. Hello,

    The theme is very interesting, but you should according to this template and future ones also aim at the social features more refined.

    From what I can tell from the European webmasters and that people want to see a dynamic site where are increasingly involved with the call action.

    For example the simple sharing buttons on the thumbnails from the possible enlargement to a visitor to read the title and summary, and immediately share the news.

    Another thing is to put the avatar of the authors on the thumbnails on the homepage and in the articles, because the readers read the articles of those who willingly puts his face.

    The author profile page more complete.

    Place a counter on the thumbnails on the homepage and in the articles of how many visits he received a news.

    These are my improvements, I hope they are taken into account.

    Best regards.

  5. Hello

    Its really great design.

    However, I think you can make this full width template where number of content will automatically increase or decrease according to the size of the visitor browser.

    So main content area, sliders will act reponsive but the side bar will be stay the same Eg: 300×250

    therefore you will have a site where visitors will see content rich site with so many things to read.


    1. Hi Chamara,

      I really wish we could make it into the Full width theme, but it has few challenges attached to it, if you could give your perspective on it then maybe we can find a solution.

      So if we try to make it full width, then What will happen to the featured area ( in the 1920×1080 screen resolution which i use?

      I am looking forward to hear your opinion on this.

  6. I like it, even the retro feel and simple fonts.
    My sites are usually (mostly) text-based info sites so I’d want a way to easily disable images when needed.

  7. I echo the points about including reCapture, etc. Should be standard in all templates.

    Everyone is spot on regarding the fonts.

    Honestly, the template feels like a throwback/retro theme. Its been done before and probably better. Most theme developers have stalled with innovating, hopefully you guys can keep it fresh.

    I usually bounce between M3 and Gavick. M3 has strong templates, but I’m not feeling this one at all.

    1. Hi Roland, I really appreciate your honest comment and i think ‘you know’ what you are talking about because you have experienced it, so what you bring to the table is really crucial for us.

      I agree that default fonts don’t help in the design at all. In the above preview, we have used Roboto and Droid serif fonts for the design, but i am surprised (and maybe confused) to see that people are thinking of it as default fonts? Any ideas why?

      Let’s imagine you have hired someone to create a design for you and they come up with this, then what would you tell them to change in the design? If you can be a bit specific then it would be great,

      Thank you so much again and I really appreciate your time!

  8. I have always love Magazine3 themes, I have bought two and the response have been really great! This new theme should be packed with features like built in user rating system, optional animations, unlimited sidebars, custom widgets, contact form with built in reCAPTCHA etc….and don’t forget to make it adsense ready!

    1. Hi Adeyemi,

      I am really happy to know that you appreciate our work!

      User review system is something we will plan to add it in future. We already offer many custom widgets with the theme and adsense ready is always on our priority list.

      Unlimited sidebars, Contact form are the kind of features that should be always available as plugins, it is not a good practice to integrate those features in the theme.

      Thank you for your valuable suggestions!

  9. And will the first four newsposts plus the stories on the hottest news from the world all appear on the on average screen size of a laptop and desktop without scrolling downwards. News site visitors nowadays want to see more stories at ago before they decide which to read. Hope if this has not been done, adjustment can be made for that. Thank u

    1. You are right! People want to see more stories at the homepage so they can pick the one that interests them. It is so basic in terms of behavior, but still i did not realized it until now.

      Yes, Those areas will resize on the average screensize of a laptop and desktop.

      Thanks again.

  10. Can it enable automatic video play on the home page once the website is visited or all all pages of the site.
    And will it have a banner advert, and why are there no adspaces at the top homepage sidebars.
    Nice theme though.

    1. Hey John, Thanks for the great questions,

      You can add the auto play video in the sidebar as widget, But do you wish to have it somewhere specific in the Homepage? If so, then where exactly?

      We will have banner Advertisement slots built in around the theme after the theme has been coded.

      I really appreciate your time!

  11. Nice looking theme for magazine blog.i love this theme 🙂 i have few question.what about price? & Will this theme be responsive?

    Best of luck

  12. Onuora, mate. You stole my words. Yes, I love the themes, clean and crisp but the fonts arent the best. They really need to be worked on. I am sure others would agree. The font looks old school on one of the themes i bought (i bought two, second seems similar – bland)

    1. Hey Reg, I really appreciate your honest feedback! We are still able to design great themes because of the customers like you!, who share their honest opinions about the theme so that we can improve the product quality.

      We are using two Google fonts as base fonts. One is Roboto and other is Droid serif.

      Droid Serif:

      In which section did you dislike the font most in the theme? Can you be a bit specific? It would really help us improve the layout design of this theme.

      Thanks again,

  13. A fresh look. I found all themes of yours ‘similar’; this one’s a good change in design. I would suggest to add 4-5 news boxes (or a section like ‘Hottest from…’ added above) before footer. See if that can be done.

    And, yes, good job!

    1. Thank you Aamir,

      You mean that we should add 4-5 more news blocks and they will be above the footer, but will they be full width? or they will be in the content area along with the Sidebar? If you could clarify that, then it will really help me understand.

      I appreciate your valuable time!

  14. My 10 cents is that all your themes are great with ONE exception. Fonts. You need to use and embed Google fonts in your themes to make them all crisper.

    The standard fonts that are used are way more compatible but are too plain.


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