New Theme: SEOTips Professional Blogging Theme Released

We are excited to announce the release of our new WordPress theme ‘SEOTips‘. SEO-Tips is a fast loading pro blogging theme. A theme that is flexible and looks great on any device, big or small, it is also SEO optimised. SEOTips is a Minimal Blogging WordPress theme, created with keeping quality in mind. It can be used for SEO Blogs, Technology blog, personal and general blogs.

SEOTips is a responsive WordPress theme. We reached out to a specific niche audience before the release and we got great response from them.

SEO Tips blog home


One of the major change that we implemented in the theme is adding Live Customizer options. They are replaced with traditional option panel. Checkout the screenshot of the real time customizer panel in the below image.

SEO Tips WordPress Theme customizer

I would like to thank to our users for such an amazing feedback and suggestions. They have been great supporters. If you have any suggestions for the future themes or a feature that should be integrated in themes, then feel free to email me on

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5 thoughts on “New Theme: SEOTips Professional Blogging Theme Released”

  1. Very well written article. It is very important to keep keyword relevancy in mind. Many
    people don’t realize that google not only looks at how you use the keywords but whether or not
    you talk about anything that has to do with those keywords. Also, never do exactly what your competitors
    are doing… you don’t want to be LIKE them.. you want to outrank them!

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